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GCAS College Dublin E-School

GCAS Supporting Fellow


A GCAS Supporting Fellow gives you complete access to all our seminars (live, prerecorded, and in residence), all our certificate programs, and our GCAS online Crypto-Community platform. Please read below for specific details.

As a GCAS Supporting Fellow you become part of an independent, historic global education alternative. You will have full access to:

  • All our live, residential and pre-recorded seminars (this does not include university/college credit from GCAS College Dublin)
  • All our Certificate Program (this does not include extra equipment such as Virtual Reality (VR) goggles, which must be purchased separately)
  • A Weekly update on GCAS Events
  • Access to our GCAS Crypto-Community Platform
  • In the unlikely event that a residential seminar is cancelled, GCAS College Dublin will award you free access to one free future residential seminar. 

You may cancel at anytime.  If you're interested in a GCAS Research webpage on our website and a GCAS email for additional costs please let us know. 


Honorary President, Prof. Dr. Lewis Gordon



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