GCAS is the first degree granting post-graduate college in the modern academy to be completely independent, operated by faculty, researchers, impact investors and alumni on blockchain. We don't receive funding from foundations, interests groups, or the state. We are owned and operated by ourselves cooperatively. When you become a subscribing member of GCAS you help us continue to deliver seminars and programs that are not influenced by external pressures to conform to a profit driven model that, or our mind has undermined academic freedom and new ways to create solutions to our most vexing problems we face today. When you become a member you become part of our cooperative community whose mission is to protect and create bold new ways of thinking and being in the world. Welcome!

A monthly GCAS Member will have access to:


  • all live seminars that are not part of a Certificate Program
  • all prerecorded seminars in our e-school (with new seminars posted each month)
  • access to FairCoop's school
  • a global research network in which you can share your research and questions with others around the world
  • join us in our in residence seminars that take place in different locations around the world (no post-graduate credit is offered as a member)


Honorary President, Prof. Dr. Lewis Gordon



Here is a list of the items in the subscription:

Deleuze and Practical Philosophy

Starting from what Deleuze calls the “test of existence” in Spinoza, Dr. Keith W. Faulkner will draw out the consequences of diminishing the faculties of representation (memory and imagination) in favor of an immanent comprehension of the Event.


FairCoop Learning


Feminist Resistance and Activism between Theory and Practice

HOUZAN MAHMOUD, is a public intellectual based in London.


Badiou's Being and Event: Formalism for Ontology and Politics

This seminar, led by Paul Livingston, Rocco Gangle, Graham Priest and John Bova, will provide an overview of formal methods and results to yield an understanding of the argument of Badiou’s Being and Event as well as further implications of formalism and formalization for contemporary ontological and political questions.


Introduction to Crypto-Economics

In this series of lectures, filmed at the GCAS Summer Institute in 2018, Professor Dr. Erik Bordeleau provides the foundations for thinking philosophically about crypto-economy. Reading materials are also provided upon registration.


Is Theology Dead? - A GCAS Series


Laruelle and Non-Philosophy: An Introduction

This course will introduce the philosophical thought of the French thinker, François Laruelle.


Philosophy and the Political: Perspectives on the Future of Democracy

This Series, directed by Dr. Creston Davis, features some of the foremost political thinkers in the world including: Antonio Negri, George Katsiaficas, Shon Meckfessel, Himanshu Damle, Michael Hardt, Lori Marso, Adrian Parr, and Giovanni Tusa.


Badiou: Politics, Psychoanalysis and the Subject

This seminar will focus on Badiou’s political and ethical thought in the context of his larger re­formulation of philosophical categories of truth, the subject, universality and logic.


Psychoanalysis, Game Theory, and Conflict Resolution

This course helps us understand the way we approach conflict; what is happening in our self-system; how we can understand this psychoanalytically, logically and mathematically; the difference between violent and non-violent approaches; and the role of emotion.