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Dismantling Oedipus: Theory and Practice

Genevieve Sartor

Freud's concept of Oedipal complex and political discussion on how elements of Freudian theory can assist us in looking at the temporary politics with a particular focus on nationalism

Genevieve Sartor is currently in the final stages of completing a PhD at Trinity College Dublin. She holds an MScR in Critical Theory from the University of Edinburgh, and a self-constructed, seminar driven Hon. BA  in Philosophy and Literature from Concordia University Montreal, both awarded with distinction.  Her academic background reflects her commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship. Genevieve's doctoral research concerns a manuscript-based (James) Joycean critique of psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan's late work on the author. She do so by focusing on Lucia Joyce, Joyce's allegedly schizophrenic daughter, to rigorously critique the theoretical possibilities of Lacan's late work. Her anticipated postdoctoral work focuses on renovating the Oedipal framework by implementing what she calls a "genetic" approach to the formation of psychological topographies. (Genetic meant here as a cross-section between how memory archives experience, thereby reformulating the relation between language and the unconscious - along with its typical associations with evolutionary biology, neuroscience and more recently AI.) 


Here is the course outline:

1. Seminar 1 "Dismantling Oedipus: Theory and Practice"

Freud's concept of Oedipus complex

Seminar 1

2. Seminar 2 "Dismantling Oedipus: Theory and Practice"

Musical performance of Adam, one of the students (3 minutes). Jacques Lacan

Seminar 2

3. Seminar 3 "Dismantling Oedipus: Theory and Practice"

Psychoanalysis and politics Abraham Brill

Seminar 3

4. Seminar 4 "Dismantling Oedipus: Theory and Practice"

European Union, Brexit Consumarizm, Political Choose

Seminar 4
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