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FairCoop School

FairCoop Basic Principles

Valentina Messeri

FairCoop, as an ecosystem, brings together different participants with common/shared objectives these principles represent.

Here is the course outline:

1. Integral Revolution

is intended as a call to set up a global, ideological and political space where a collective identity is able to operate within a common framework.

Integral Revolution
Essay on module topics

2. The p2p model of social organization

"Together we know everything, together we have everything" is the motto of p2p foundation, an international organization focused on researching, documenting and promoting peer to peer practices in a very broad sense.

The p2p model of social organization
Essay on module topics

3. Hacker Ethics

Hacker ethic sets out the moral values and philosophy that are common in hacker culture, based on the fundamental of sharing information and data responsibly.

Hacker Ethics
Reading the text "The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information Age" by Pekka Himanen
Reading the text "Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution" by Steven Levy
Debate on module 3
Essay on module topics
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