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GCAS College Dublin E-School

A Painful State of Bliss (18+)


The seminar will explore a polymorphous body of sex acts involving transformative experiences toward deviating away from the usual hetero-genital-oriented practice.
Through her experience as a cinematographer and in the BDSM sex-industry Maria Beatty will initiate the session and guide the class toward opening up their own thoughts or awareness with BDSM.


Certificate Program

The Art and Philosophy of Bondage and BDSM Therapy (18+)


Directors: Julie Reshe, PhD & Maria Beatty

Maria Beatty is one of the world most renowned erotic noir filmmakers. Her work is kink-focused with primarily female performers, often shot in black-and-white. Her filmmaking style is high-end and artistic, and she cites Andy Warhol, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Irving Klaw and Bettie Page as inspirations for her work. “My films delight in the playful relationship between pleasure and pain,” she says on her site, listing a wide variety of fetishes seen in her work. Some of her films have a surreal atmosphere, and some openly play with shocking the audience. Maria Beatty has produced all of her films independently. She has also appeared as a performer in several of them.

Julie Reshe (Russian: Жюли Реше) is a widely known philosopher, public intellectual and a practicing existential psychoanalyst. She completed her PhD in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis under the supervision of Alenka Zupančič at the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and studied Psychology at the University of Oxford. She currently occupies the position of Associate Professor of Philosophy at GCAS College Dublin, where she directs the Institute of Psychoanalysis. Professor Reshe has numerous publications in both internationally renowned books and journals, covering a range of interdisciplinary subjects. Her recent book Introduction to Philosophy: The Plasticity of Everyday Life was a bestseller in Russia and has been shortlisted for the Alexander Piatigorsky Award (2017). She works at the intersection of philosophy, psychoanalysis, existential therapy and neuroscience. Her research topics include care, violence, sexuality, childhood and trauma studies.



This program offers the unique opportunity to comprehensively review the phenomena of BDSM from an artistic, philosophical and a therapeutic perspectives. 

With support of world-leading theoreticians and artists participants of the program will get a chance to discover BDSM in both theoretical and practical ways — with reference to philosophical theories and up-to-day scientific comprehension of BDSM (while participating in online lectures and engaging in e-discussions) and practically engaging in the world of BDSM art. Participants will discover ways to integrate BDSM into their personal lives, via serious analytical understanding and transforming this practice into art and learn basic BDSM-therapy skills.

Method of Instruction

Online interactive and self-paced seminars.



Important: to be able to participate in the seminar you need to be 18 years old or older.


Here is the course outline:

Seminar 1: Featuring Maria Beatty’s premiere BDSM b&w cult films from the 1990’s

THE ELEGANT SPANKING. In this module, we will be watching together movies which were made by Maria Beatty and after we will discuss them with Maria´s perspective as a filmmaker and Julies point of view as a psychoanalyst.

Seminar 1

Seminar 2: A Painful State of Bliss - with a guest

Jouissance <> The Crimes of Love.

Seminar 2

Seminar 3: A Painful State of Bliss

2 films + special guest.

Seminar 3
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