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Psychoanalysis, Game Theory, and Conflict Resolution

Kevin Boileau

This course helps us understand the way we approach conflict; what is happening in our self-system; how we can understand this psychoanalytically, logically and mathematically; the difference between violent and non-violent approaches; and the role of emotion.

With the use of case studies and examples, and the integration of cognition and emotion, this course will be helpful to understand how we can overcome anxiety and fear in the moment of disagreement and conflict. It is, therefore, a course at the junction of game theory, psychoanalysis, and phenomenology.

Here is the course outline:


This introductory session focuses on the problem of conflict resolution, the tension between win-win and win-lose dynamics, an understanding of a philosophy of mind, and the tools of game theory and psychoanalysis.

Seminar 1 Introduction to course and instructors
Suggested Reading
Recording of Lecture 1 Sun Sep 29, 2018

Lecture 2

This session focuses on game theory tools and definitions, and their application to conflict resolution.

Seminar 2

Lecture 3

This session focuses on philosophy of mind and the various psychoanalytic approaches to conflict resolution.

Seminar 3

Lecture 4

This session focuses on subjectivities of violence and non-violence and how they help us understand and resolve conflict.

Seminar 4
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