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GCAS College Dublin E-School

Introduction to Crypto-Economics

Erik Bordeleau

In this series of lectures, filmed at the GCAS Summer Institute in 2018, Professor Dr. Erik Bordeleau provides the foundations for thinking philosophically about crypto-economy. Reading materials are also provided upon registration.




Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

This course begins with a conversation between professor Erik Bordeleau and Enric Duran, creator of Faircoin.

Welcome Note

2. Lecture #1 of 3

Lecture # 1 of 3 explores the concept of finance as an expressive medium that captures the effervescence of our sociality.

Lecture #1

3. Lecture # 2 of 3

Lecture # 2 of 3 discusses the issues of self-issuance of value.

Lecture # 2 of 3

4. Lecture # 3 of 3

Lecture # 3 of 3 explores the active creation of a new financial medium

Lecture # 3 of 3
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