GCAS College Dublin Launches “Unprecedented” New E-Platform For Postgraduate Advanced Studies

GCAS College Dublin Launches “Unprecedented” New E-Platform For Postgraduate Advanced Studies

Posted Aug 20

GCAS College Dublin Launches “Unprecedented” New E-Platform For Postgraduate Advanced Studies

Dublin higher-educational startup and advanced-study institute “first” to deliver postgraduate, research-level education interactively online, worldwide.



DUBLIN, IRELAND – August 20, 2018 – An “unprecedented” new, globally accessible e-platform for advanced graduate-level and postgraduate studies is being launched by a new advanced-studies research institution and higher-educational startup based in Dublin, Ireland, GCAS College Dublin.


GCAS College Dublin, an ambitious new, independent, international postgraduate college of advanced studies formed and supported by over 100 top leading scholars and public intellectuals from around the world —including Alain Badiou, Slavoj Žižek, Azfar Hussain, and others—, is launching a new e-platform delivering cutting-edge, advanced-study graduate seminars online to researchers anywhere in the globe. It is part of their mission to invert the existing, broken educational paradigm that forces students, postdocs and adjunct professors into massive debt or under-employment, compromises academic freedom, and hampers bold, far-reaching scholarly work increasingly needed to address the vexing global challenges we face today.


Seminars, tutorials and colloquia in the platform are held both in a live interactive online setting, as well as a self-paced setting for researchers unable to attend live. Programs span an array of cutting-edge, emerging research fields led by world-renowned faculty — from crypto-economics studies to mathematical political philosophy, game-theoretical peace and conflict studies, and psychoanalytic neuroscience, among others. Upcoming programs include live interactive seminars with leading French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy, Israeli-born visual artist and theorist Bracha Ettinger, and Slavoj Žižek —among others.


Interested faculty, postdoctoral or advanced graduate-level researchers anywhere in the world are encouraged to visit the platform’s website, gcas.matrixlms.eu. Admission policies, while typically self-selective, may vary. Tuition and fees can be as low as €5 per program — with financial aid available for researchers in extenuating circumstances, regardless of geographical location or nationality.


“This platform is a key part of providing affordable access to critical education that supports a robust democratic world,” said Ekaterina Filippova, PhD Researcher and Provost of the new e-platform, on the day of the launch.


“This is truly unprecedented and a first for advanced-level postgraduate education as we know it,” said Manuel Fabra, Dean for Outreach and Community Relations of the e-platform. “No other elite postgraduate institution today allows researchers across the 3.2 billion-strong, internet-connected world to fully engage in their more advanced, specialized seminars. Despite the move towards increased openness and tech-driven decentralization across higher education as a whole, the higher echelons of graduate education remain firmly entrenched in the past.”


About GCAS College Dublin, LTD

GCAS College Dublin is incorporated in Dublin and is one of three education centers of The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) based in New York, and Santiago, Chile. GCAS was founded in 2013 by over 100 leading intellectuals from around the world, in order to invert the unsustainable, profit-driven higher-education model in the United States and worldwide, in which over 44 million people have borrowed money to pursue education. Student loan debt has reached over 1.5 trillion dollars in the United States alone, and is putting at risk the global economy. GCAS College Dublin is a novel, “cooperative”-type institutional structure “of scholars, by scholars, for everyone”, co-owned and co-governed by faculty, and with tuition fees converted into ownership shares upon graduating. It is also developing cutting-edge, disruptive higher-educational platforms including decentralized, blockchain-based governance and research infrastructures, Virtual Reality in Education (VR/VR-E) technologies, and instant translation lecturing. For more information, visit www.thegcas.org or follow GCAS on Twitter at www.twitter.com/@GCASMedia. You can also follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/globalcenterforadvancedstudies.




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